Visit to Washington University - 1974

I was invited by Michael Ter-Pogossian to present our PET images in a talk given at Washington University in 1974. Over 50 PET images were shown relating to studies of blood flow, blood volume and oxygen metabolism in heart and lung in animals and man as well as PET images of lung function using 15O2  and blood flow studies of brain and heart using C15 O2, 13N and 68Ga and bone scans using 18F. Some of these images are shown in Figures 6-10. It should be noted that 18F-labeled 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose was not available at this time.

Following the talk, the possibility of a single plane translate-rotate system was brought up and I pointed out that the data set resulting from the translation and rotation of the two banks of detectors of PC-I and PC-II was identical to that of the translation and rotation of a hexagonal array of detectors viewing one plane. This led in part to the development of a series of PETT instruments at Washington University (Ter-Pogossian et al) and to the ECAT instruments (Hoffman at al) developed by ORTEC, Inc, later CTI, Inc.